With Touch Typing Now, you will Increase Your Typing Speed Immediately!

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Get more work completed,
respond to more emails in little time.
In just 10 hours you will be a speed typist!

What can Touch Typing Now! do for me?

Increase your typing speed immediately!!!  If you have ever dreamt about typing without looking down at your keyboard, Touch Typing Now is the perfect solution for you. Highly-acclaimed, this software is a fun interactive guide that will help you through the painstaking process of learning how to type professionally - super-fast.

What am I going to achieve from Touch Typing Now?

you will be able to:
1) Type at the same speed that you read.
2) Type professionally without looking down at your keyboard ever again.
3) Concentrate on the documents content and not on the process of typing.
4) Respond to more emails in a shorter time.
5) Get more work completed.
6) Visit more chat rooms and actually contribute to the discussions.
7) Become an international speed typist.

Who can benefit from Touch Typing Now?

Knowing to type is good for everyone who uses a computer and wants to improve the productivity and accuracy from their work.

This course is a MUST for every student, business man, secretary or anyone who wastes too much time, trying to locate the keys on their keyboard while typing e-mails, letters, or business documents!

How long will it take me to become a speed typist?

In 10 short hours, you will learn how to type 70 words per minute.  It is our GUARANTEE, or we will refund your money with no questions asked.

Also, your unbelievable software comes with the following:

w  Interactive Video based Training - Deluxe Edition only
w  3-D On-Screen Keyboard - variety of keyboard styles
w  Quick & Easy Learning - 19 lessons from home keys to advanced keyboarding
w  On-Line Practice via the Internet with other touch type learners
w  Typing Speed Testing
w  Typing Accuracy Testing
w  Improve your Typing through games
w  Use inbuilt or custom speed and accuracy tests
w  Multiple learner profiles, password protection on login
w  History, speed & accuracy recording and printouts

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You have two versions to choose from:

Touch Typing Now! - Pro Edition. Download immediately from the Internet, Get your activation code and start learning immediately. Special introduction price US$39.95 US$25.90 Try it Risk Free for 30 Days, Guaranteed!

Touch Typing Now! - Deluxe CD-ROM Edition with Interactive Video Teaching Tutorial sent to you by mail. Special introduction price US$55.90 US$29.90 sent by airmail to any location in the world. Try it Risk Free for 30 Days, Guaranteed!

Get Your Typing KIT Now!

Zero Risk Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with Touch Typing Now system, simply contact me within 30 days for a full hassle-free refund.


P.S. Don't forget: few hours after you receive the software you will be able to type in the same speed that you talk without looking down at your keyboard again. Click here now for this special offer and you won't regret.

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What other users are saying:

"When I download the software from TypingTips.com, I didn't believe that I would ever be able to actually type 70 words per minute. But within 4 days of practice, I was writing business letters and responding to emails so fast, it was like I was transformed into a speed typist. Also, I could not believe how incredibly easy the software was to use. Unlike other software programs when you install it there are problems - but this was a piece of cake. Thanks so much for making this product available!" - Jenny Tayes

TRUE STORY : When Leslie Kronish's company suffered financial problems, she was the first administrative assistant to be laid off. Although, she had worked at her company for 15 years, her company terminated her because of her typing speed. She was costing her company time and money. They told her they needed administrative assistants that could type a minimum of 50 words per minute and her low productivity was costing them way too much time. Leslie was surfing the Internet when she stumbled across typingtips.com. Within a week Leslie has increased her typing speed from 40 words per minute to 75. A month later, Leslie was employed by another company making double her income from her previous job.

"Roy, I just wanted to thank you for your software. It was the best thing I could have ever done…I owe you BIG! Touch Typing Now! was so easy and most importantly so fast to learn. I really thought that I would be typing you a letter requesting my money back - but your product was a dream come true for me because now I'm working for a really good company and making more money than I was before…" --- Leslie Kronish